Summer is coming !

Summer is coming !

Well it’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to swimming and watermelons . It’s very exciting really. Here on the island the biggest attraction is Morticia, the corpse plant. It is blooming and apparently a very very big deal. I’m told by some that the plant blooms every 100 years and by others that it’s more like 2 to 20 years for this particular plant. Anyway, it sure is a stinker. Also, the summer movie season is descending on us. This is sure to be an epic summer also because the local water park has just upgraded to having the longest and largest water slide . During this time I have reverted back to learning aweber, which is called an autoresponder program that is key to learning for any kind of internet marketer. There are plenty of learning or instructional videos available on aweber itself, and on youtube as well as on MOBE. Also there are some changes coming within Mobe itself, for example, MLR or MOBE licensing rights will be called the silver level and a new set of instructional videos will be recorded and distributed to both the new and past per Matt Lloyd our founder and CEO “Very soon, the new Silver Masterclass program will replace MLR.
You’ll still have access to all the content in MLR, but, all our marketing processes (like the 21 steps, our live events, etc) will offer Silver in place of MLR.Silver will also take place of MLR in our compensation plan.The Silver Masterclass will sell for $2,497.
Since you’ve already paid for MLR, you’re going to get the Silver Masterclass for free.
I’m going to be recording this program this week, starting Tuesday, 8.30am EDT.
It will be recorded with these times and days:

Tuesday May 17th: 8.30am – approx 11.30am EDT
Wednesday May 18th: 8.30am – approx 11.30am EDT
Thursday May 19th: 8.30am – approx 11.30am EDT
Friday May 20th: 8.30am – approx 11.30am EDT”

So it will be available soon to everyone. Please be aware that the new silver masterclass as well as the MLR level offers licensing rights, so it’s like buying your very own business right outmode the box and all the coaching and support you will need to become a brand new success story. It’s like buying your very own McDonald’s without the $100,000 price tag and the high net worth requirements. Wouldn’t you like your very own proven business system for much much cheaper than a brick and mortar business like McDonald’s in your court ? Well all the best this summer and may you enjoy every moment of it.

Philip or Islandphil. Goodbye for now.

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