Retirement and the Baby Boom Generation

Retirement and the Baby Boom Generation

Well, you guessed it. I am a baby boomer in retirement. Unfortunately, I was not ready for retirement when I suddenly had a near fatal stroke and nearly died. I’m glad to be alive, but I am in a struggle with retirement.

Some people advise a second job, some do not. I am frankly sick of work and all the stress that goes with it.

For that reason and many more I really recommend building an online business with MOBE. MOBE stands for my online business education and involves promoting MOBE’s resources on your site and making money for doing it. There is an abundance of information about Internet marketing.  I will be discussing all parts of this process on my website and keeping you informed of my progress in this internet marketing revolution.

The above is a site that you can click for the most pertinent information on earning money in your spare time on the computer. Most of all, your questions about the marketing process will be answered. In addition, should you decide to buy licensing rights, you too can be a MOBE affiliate like I am and use the vast resources of MOBE, such as a 24/7 support center to answer all your questions and to help along on the Internet Marketing process.

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