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1 Month After Stroke
1 month post-stroke. Strapped to bed, complete left-side paralysis, feeding tube and right about to get a lung infection and then surgical feeding tube.

Where I started….

After enjoying a lifetime of great health, a thriving medical practice which took years of work for me to get established to my satisfaction after laboring at a later age through medical school and residency, I took a trip to Casper, Wyoming and then everything got hazy for about 6 months.  Focus eventually came when I woke up in a hospital bed paralyzed as my family spoke to me in depressed tones about my funeral arrangements and by the watery rattling indicated to me that I had a lung infection, had suffered a stroke and now was connected to a myriad of tubes including a surgically implanted feeding tube.   I knew I was going to die and by the things I could hear people saying around me – they wished I would.

Understanding came when I finally got out of ICU, out of acute rehab, and in a long term nursing home.  I had a breakdown they told me and had lost my career, my reputation, all my money, done horrible things and hurt many people who loved me and I loved.   Something happened to me on that mountain in Casper that caused the start of a series of stroke events that went unnoticed by me but completely changed my personality – and ruined then almost ended my life.  Everyone spoke around me,  not really to me except when giving orders, and slowly I came back to myself.  Well no, I was discovering a better me – and it mostly went unnoticed.  Before my stroke I commanded attention but I had become a spectator and I hated it and I vowed to fight.

In the car headed home from the nursing home I never thought I'd leave alive from.
In the car headed home from the nursing home I never thought I’d leave alive from.

A lot has happened since then.  Now I live with my former fiancee’, who after working with me to build an incredibly successful practice only to have me tank it in months, started to work and donate her time to a company she felt could change the world.   It wasn’t easy when I kicked her out of my life (the first act out of nowhere after I returned from 4 day trip) and I have no idea why she picked me up and took me out of that nursing home 1 year ago after I threw her into unemployment, food stamps, battling and saving her home from foreclosure.   Her son and my beautiful daughter were like peas and carrots, about a year apart, and both were scarred from our home go from happy to gone in a week with no warning.  I certainly would never have spoken to me again.

But here I am.  I walk, I talk, I eat food like a normal person and not out of a tube – I’m a freaking miracle and I did not die alone in that nursing home.   I’m learning – a lot and Jennifer is helping me.  They don’t call her an “Epic” coach for nothing. LOL

Join me in my journey through the world of Internet marketing and see what happens and see how you too can make an amazing income whether it be for retirement or as a main income you will be guided along with the best tutorial content and advice that I can give as I learn from the best in the business.

Your very first start should be here – it’s a free book and the basis for the business we are in – and how we have survived and now are thriving!  Matt Lloyd is the CEO and Founder of MOBE Ltd. where Jennifer has consulted as the Director of Human Resources since 2014 and has helped him grow the company from 40 contractors in a handful of countries to 181 in 21 countries.   It’s real training, a read education, and it’s real work – but it’s also the real deal.  Click the picture for your free book.

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