How to Make Retirement Better

How to Make Retirement Better

I often think about the past times in my life, usually when I have some quiet time or down time, like taking a walk around the neighborhood or taking a long walk along the beach or just browsing the internet This includes the persistent thought ; how can I improve my lot in life? How can I make retirement better ? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, after all I have many things right now. I have enough resources for dinner tonight at a nice restaurant ,I also have a home and a car. I have enough for breakfast tomorrow and I am healthy at this moment. I have a computer and Internet access. Sounds great right ? It wouldn’t take much to drastically improve things though.

Well I often think about starting an online businesses as described by Matt Lloyd of MOBE in his book ‘Limitless”. I don’t want to create or ship a product or products, create websites, deal with customers, or hire a staff and establish merchant accounts. I do want a blueprint for success. I want to learn the same method or methods he has found successful including the HTAM method. I also want to learn his scaling strategy and how to take this strategy including the HTAM method and build a 6 figure online business or maybe a 7 figure business and beyond.In short, I am very excited about all these things and hope to teach others how to use these powerful methods to create an income by working at home in your spare time. Although I am disabled and unable to work in a ‘standard’ job, I find all of this to be very exciting, and a light at the end of the tunnel. There is also hope for others like you who find themselves in the same situation ,whether you too are disabled, a single Mom looking to make ends meet, or a burnt out professional , or whatever you situation in life may be -there is an answer !

Currently,I am implementing this plan with Jennifer, my partner, and my love. Today I am learning to use an auto-responder named aweber which I hope to master sufficiently and then offer a free video on how you too can work this program. This program seems to be the ‘ rate limiting factor’ in organizing a campaign and then emailing a large list of opt-ins easily and effortlessly. It’s good that I am not alone in this as there are many distractions. I am using tutorials on youtube,books purchased on amazon, and material from MOBE. Specifically, Jennifer got the free book ‘ Limitless’ from Matt Lloyd.

This is a possible dream !

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