Deadpool Review

Deadpool Review

Major DeadPool spoilers ahead. Don’t read unless you have seen the movie or want to know what happens!!

I went to the theater to watch DeadPool recently during a rainy day. I must say it was a refreshing experience from the usual Marvel Comics super hero flick. First of all, our hero was a sorta foul mouthed anti-hero. Calling our hero foul mouthed is not really representative of the absolutely hilarious way our hero chatted you up. It’s very creative and engaging. Sort of like saying please pass the f—-ing potatoes at a Sunday dinner table. It’s a sort of funny vulgar, if you get my drift. Not one expletive is added or removed so it was nice in that – no kids in the theater!

I can really relate to our hero in the movie because I have nearly died and as a result I have been disabled. Fortunately, I have found a way to re-invent myself and earn a living through MOBE and a great online business model, and blogging at home. Much like our hero re-invented himself and began to call himself DeadPool.

Another thing that is cool is that the movie is both violent and romantic. Sort of like getting a bouquet of roses and then a slap in the face. I actually forgot that this was a camouflage romantic comedy. There was a lot of tragedy in that our hero ((again, stop reading if you don’t want a major plot device exposed)) was diagnosed with some sort of lung cancer and tried to protect his beloved from the ups and downs of his treatment by sneaking out of their love nest while she was asleep. Next, in a local bad guy bar, he meets up with a very questionable character who offers him a cure. Figuring he has nothing to lose, our hero goes with the offer, but, as often happens in these types of movies, he is mutilated and disfigured by a really bad guy. Although he was cured, it was the ‘Doctor’s’ fault that he became disfigured when the treatment attempted to kill the cancer and not him. It does seem that art imitates real life here in that Doctors are ‘bad’, even when your life is saved and some untoward event that could not have been foreseen could lead to a lawsuit. Anyway, the mad ‘Doctor’ becomes the villain after the final treatment is administered and our hero escapes through some miraculous series of events and then chases after the bad guy for the remainder of the film. I guess the ‘Doctor’ had bad bedside manner.

There is some contact with some heroes from X-men fame and a hilarious romantic advice session with the cab driver in the movie and then it’s good old death and destruction on a more epic scale finally culminating with a, you guessed it, romantic reunion with his beloved wife. So our hero does get the girl in the end even after he gets a little beat up for sneaking out by his beloved. The graphics are amazing as the fight ensues and I found this gratifying as well. I would like to mention that if you take your girlfriend or wife, she would be pleased because after all, it is a romantic story, just a lot of violence, which should help you get through the kissy-feely parts. This may make your significant other a bit suspicious of your motives, but at least it’s also quite funny.

In the end our hero who, for a while seems like one of the villains, decides to join the good guys and his new bride is happy to both see him and witness the destruction of the real villain in the movie. I do recommend this movie. It is not a good one for kids though, as a lot of adult humor is used and embarrassing situations would leave you with some ‘splaining to do, as Desi Arnez would say to Lucy. So all in all, I would see it again too.

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