Welcome to Island Phil!

We’re Philip and Jennifer and we’re working together and are partners on this website. We have

Us at One of our Fave Places
Jenn and me on the deck of one of our favorite places.

witnessed many success stories and are well on our way to our own success story too by being dedicated to spreading the word.  We are damn fine people ! (Philip wrote that – Jennifer is giggling)

We both live on the island of Galveston, Texas – which as local call it “just near Texas”. Watch as we have grown after major trauma (my nearly life-ending stroke) to true abundance and if you are interested, learn how we did it too!  Check out our Making Money at Home page for our story and why we “had” to do this.

We write a newsletter with this week’s tips and advice for those who are looking to go online.  If you want to subscribe we aren’t spammy but will send you the newsletter once a week.  Everything that appeals to people wanting to go online, real stories of what is working now and what isn’t and strategy ideas.

By subscribing, you will even gain access to our growing hot-list called “The Good Guys” – the different coaches, guru’s and support professionals we know who are ethical, reasonable and have valuable tools, knowledge or programs that work and aren’t outdated.

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